Our Services

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  • Ambulance Billing Services

             Full service Ambulance Billing

             Statement of account mailing

             Monthly Reports

             Field Training on PCR's / PCS forms

             Software Login to view your accounts 24/7

             PCR Software available if needed

  • Pre-Collection / Early Out Services

              Mailing of your statements

              Telephone calls to your customers

              Payment arrangements to maximize your revenue

  • Bad Address Correction

               We have a unique matrix for collecting information and scoring your accounts.   MedCorp can locate

               and verify correct addresses, Email addresses, and telephone numbers for your patients.   Our unique

               matrix will reduce your returned mail while increasing your revenue.

  • Insurance Discovery

                MedCorp can locate insurance information on your patients to improve your collections

  • Multiple payment options for your patients

              Credit Card

              Debit Card

              ACH from Checking

              ACH from Savings

              All payment options available online

              Web button for payments to drive patients to your website

  • Online Login to our software

              You can track your accounts in real time with a client login.  

              Upload files or enter individual accounts 24/7

  • Collection Agency

             MedCorp can roll your accounts to a licensed collection agency at a time decided by you.

  • Legal Collections

             MedCorp can roll your accounts to a licensed Attorney for collection efforts

             Suits can be filed on your accounts as you deem necessary