An EMS billing services provider that provides demographic address correction and verification, optional full first statement mailing service, return mail processing, with batch analytic data reports of the process that includes corrected and verified
addresses, phone numbers, available verified email addresses household income data essential for account scoring!

Ambulance Billing

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MedCorp's Early Out program saves you time and money.  We correct and verify your patients address, mail your invoices, and make your phone calls with a friendly non-threatening tone to provide the best customer service possible.

Pre-Collect / Early Out

Demographic Verification

Complete Revenue Cycle Management Programs

for your Ambulance Billing and Collections.

MedCorp Billing Services Offers a premier Ambulance Billing and Collections Service.  We are not just an Ambulance Billing Company, but an Ambulance Billing Partner.    Call for more information, or go to our Ambulance Billing Page.